Neuromorph has been developed in the Bio Electron Microscopy Laboratory of Graham Knott at the EPFL. The primary software developer is Anne Jorstad, with contributions from Corrado Cali and Biago Nigro. Software testing has relied on Catherine Maclachlan, Jerome Blanc and Daniela Sahlender. Its construction has been made possible through financial support from the EPFL and Swiss National Science Foundation.
How to cite
This paper describes the first release of NeuroMorph:
Jorstad A, Nigro B, Cali C, Wawrzyniak M, Fua P, Knott G (2015) NeuroMorph: A Toolset for the Morphometric Analysis and Visualization of 3D Models Derived from Electron Microscopy Image Stacks. Neuroinformatics 13:83–92

Neuromorph is distributed under GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.